Earth 2020: three outcomes to global warming

Let’s assume that “global warming” is the hoax that I think it is. What happens when, sometime around 2020, no evidence of global warming (as a historically unique trend) is found? The following scenarios are three plausible outcomes to the “global warming” crisis.

A) The Fraud Discredited
Politicians and the scientific community admit their error. Environmentalist regulations and environmental agencies are cut back or eliminated. The hundreds of think-tanks, non-profits, and lobbying agencies that survive on the profits from the environmentalist hysteria voluntarily disband.

B) A disaster narrowly averted
Continual improvements in solar power or another renewable technology make it more cost efficient than fossil-fuel based power. The market gradually changes until solar power is dominant.
Politicians proclaim victory, and praise the regulatory state and state-coerced green energy. They stress the need for continual vigilance as they look around for a new crisis to bankroll their campaigns.

C) A self-fulfilling prophecy
Faced with a lack of evidence for global warming, environmentalists focus instead on random climate variation and natural disasters under the banner of “climate change,” which can conveniently be blamed for heat waves, cold fronts, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. The draconian regulatory state gradually erodes the wealth producing capacity of industry, thus destroying the only tool man has to deal with nature’s fury. The EPA/ /DOJ wrecks the economy, FDA causes plagues, and the FCC makes sure the party line gets coverage. The Son of Kyoto shifts energy production and industry from relatively clean, developed nations to environmentally irresponsible developing ones. Innovations in energy production/consumption become prohibitively expensive to get past the regulatory state.
By 2020, nature is unpredictable as ever, but our ability to deal with it is crippled by the state. Politicians seize upon the global havoc they unleashed as proof of the need for further regulation.

Which outcome is most likely? Very likely, it will be a combination of all three. Which one is pre-eminent depends on your estimate of the world’s sanity.


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8 Responses to Earth 2020: three outcomes to global warming

  1. Which outcome is most likely?

    Probably, as you say, all three. If not then C.

  2. Global warming is not a hoax; the answer is as simple as that! The earth has always gone through climate changes; the question is what effect are humans having on the environment. I think your explanations for what will happen, if global warming is decided to have been a hoax, are much to politically charged. This is really the environmental problem, and social problem at the core. For your information, the temperature is steadily rising and it only takes a few degrees for the ocean to be dangerously affected by this (and therefore the world). Politics are not the important issue; the question is are we taking care of our one and only home? I am not a raging environmentalist, but the danger is there and anyone who assumes global warming is a “hoax” is horribly mistaken!

  3. Jason Ross

    I wrote a nice reply, and when I hit “submit”, the operation failed and my message was lost. Notes to self: 1) should have learned by now to always cut-and-paste long responses and never write them directly into browser fields, and 2) don’t trust the work of a programmer who is wrong about global warming 🙂

    I submit that your post reflects wishful thinking and argumentum ad ignorantium. The term “hoax” suggests intent; is there also paranoia at work here?

    I welcome your merciless retort 🙂

  4. Sam

    A Hoax or not a hoax…I thing is for sure, we are creating way to much pollution and are dependent upon oil.

    I think the real issue is how can we all do our part to better take care of what we have. Better take care of ourselves and our neighbors.

    How can we look at how we consume and use and find better ways instead of debating it.

    Enough talk…lets see if we can come up with simple ways to start creating less waste and pollution…if we all focus on that, we will see changes.

  5. If in 2020 global warming is proven to be a hoax…true environmentalists will NOT CARE! Improved technology, more efficient products and transportation, less smog and pollution, more recycling, less affluenza, less stress on landfills and natural resources…these are GOOD things. Duh???? It would be one of those no harm no foul “hoaxes” unless you are a conservative of course….then it would be horrific.

  6. N/A

    The word “hoax” implies it is not there but there is evidence that it is there such as the rise in temperature which might be a natrual thing but we are definatly speeding it up….

    Ah well i only wish it was a “hoax”

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  8. – We should be more concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change because Typhoons are getting much stronger and there are greater incidence of Flooding. take for example the recent Typhoon Ketsana which devastated some countries in South East Asia.

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