Zachary Kroger on Atheists

Interesting video on atheists found at Dean Cook’s site:


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5 Responses to Zachary Kroger on Atheists

  1. Peter Brown

    That was very moving, what song was that playing? Possibly tool?

  2. Dinesh Pillay

    Simply awesome!! Never seen anything like it!

    Now that made my day 🙂


  3. Sorry, but I find that the video doesn’t really defend much. It supports altruism and praises Chomsky.

    They have Roark’s speech from the Fountainhead on youtube, and I found *that* very moving.

  4. z

    I was about to say…Chomsky? Its almost enough to become religious to avoid having something in common with Chomsky. That statistic of jail populations is very interesting.

  5. I can dig most of this, though Chomsky and a few others up front kill it for me. I’m also pretty confused about why he went with so many Hollywood celebrities before getting to the real meat in the last segment.

    Susan B Anthony was a bit of a shocker. Did her coin still say “In God We Trust?”

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