I took several 360 degree panoramas during my vacation in Aspen last week, and after having some trouble stitching them, found this tutorial for stitching them. (Here is my preliminary test with Photoshop.) I found a cool program that is supposed to automate the process, so I’ll post more of my experiments later.

High Dynamic Range and panorama, and 360 degree photos are just some of the many new techniques made possible by digital imaging technologies. I think the most important feature is the ability to endlessly experiment with photographic technique without paying each shot. My photo albums have grown exponentially in parallel with the growth in processing power and memory capabilities. During my week-long trip to Colorado, I took 295 photos. That equals 13 rolls of film, from which I plan to get six or so print-worthy shots. That kind of experimentation was only possible to professional photographers a few years ago.

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