Indian censorship: The Band of the Banned

What do you do when Islamic fundamentalists murder 200 people? Why, you censor anyone who criticizes Islam, of course! At least, that was India’s response, when it forced Indian ISP’s to censor the following 17 websites. None of them advocate terrorism – they just dare to blaspheme against Islam.

The Band of the Banned

Please republish the list on your own blog to show your stand against censorship!


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3 Responses to Indian censorship: The Band of the Banned

  1. For the record I support India and their right to live peacefully as a Hindu-majority state. For this they banned access to my blog because the militant Muslims have instilled fear into the Indian government, because militant Islam does not want and will not allow opposing opinion to their heavy-handed tactics of fear, intimidation, and death. Their brand of Islam is a cult of death, a cancer on civilization, one that will never completely ban voices of freedom.

    Thank you for your support, David.

  2. Thanks for the support, David! It is good to live in a country that censorship isn’t routine and harsh. Take care!

  3. Sad to hear about the banning of these websites. What is in the mind of the Indian authorities? Caving in to terrorists only makes them bolder! India, with it’s rapidly expanding economy and proven military capabilities should have no fear of confronting the murderers!

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