But is it accurate?

caricatures cartoon of Prophet Mohamed Muhamed

Apparently some Muslims are in a tiffy about this image. They are issuing death sentences, burning embassies, and demanding that “honest people all over the world to condemn this act.” But is this an inaccurate portrayal of their religion? Until they condemn these acts, I think it is.

I think there is a historical significance to the fact that European papers have for the first time made a stand against the Islamist invasion– this may be the beginning of an anti-Islamic revolt in Europe.

I don’t believe there is any peaceful resolution possible to the conflict between Western civilization and Islamism. The Europeans are blinded by their multiculturalism, and the Islamists are blinded by their intolerant fanaticism and racism.
The European welfare states are too dependent on their foreign labor populations to expel them, and too multiculturalist to integrate them.

The Paris riots and election of Hamas are just the beginning — the two sides have begun an escalating whirlwind of violent radicalization. The only thing capable of preventing the coming conflict is the American value of religious tolerance — but the European and Islamic cultures are too far gone. This may end with gas chambers once again running in Europe – this time their Islamic population.


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  1. It isn’t only a European problem. Everywhere in world where there is a large population of Muslims interacting with ANY other culture, you see bloodshed and terrorism. The goal of Islam is nothing less than world domination. Muhammad was the perfect Bond villain.

  2. Bob48084

    Your last statement was strong but then we see Europe as the roots of American civilization. Our republic was created here. We have never tied pairs of victims together, shot one and pushed the pair into the river. Consequences could be terrible if this caricature crazyness continues.

  3. Royka

    Your analysis is a short-sight one, and inaccurate.

    Those riots in France had nothing to do with religion, despite fox’s propaganda, it was and has been proved to be social riots, not religious ones. The rioters were atheist, muslims, and christians, but they’re religion has no role in thoqse riots : they were revolting against the assassination of two kids (less than 15years old) by the police, and against racism whose victims are a lot of french people of various origins.

    There is no religious conflict in France, even if you’d like to.
    France is a laic state, not a “nation under god”, and religious matters are only considered as a private thing, not a public one.

    Beside , your shortcuts are frightening. Open a history book once !

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