I love capitalism

I got an Amazon.com Visa credit card last month, and ran up a huge balance, nearly a thousand dollars over the credit limit. I paid the full balance the day it was due, but it cleared two days later. Yesterday, I saw a $35 overlimit fee, and a $39 late fee on my account. The fees were totally my fault, but I decided to do my best to wriggle out of them. I thought of potential arguments and pleas for leniency and mercy all day before calling visa. The conversion went something like this:
“I have these fees on my statement…”
“I can definitely remove those fees for you sir.”
And that’s all it took. Can you imagine trying this with the IRS?


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  1. Most companies desire and thrive on good will. Over on The Christian Prophet blog today the Holy Spirit speaks favorably of true capitalism.

  2. Speaking of the awe of capitalism…

    When I went shopping with my father right before Thanksgiving, I just had to pause and think about how lucky we are to live in a country, under an economic system, that can fill a huge warehouse with countless items of food. Has anyone else stopped to think about this while shopping? We have trucks criss-crossing this entire country, supplying and re-supplying thousands of markets just like the one you shop it. It really is awe-inspiring that man has achieved this.

  3. bill

    I have had the same experience; i thought of pleas for mercy, threats to cancel my card(s), and a variety of other things and in truth all that’s necessary is to call. But how many millions do you think they make off the people who never call?

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