Need an MP3 Player

I am looking for an MP3 player. I would love to get the iPod nano, but much of my collection is in WMA format, which Apple doesn’t do. I want something small and sleek to bike with but with at least 2GB of space.


Oh, and I have some photos up from this weekend -my family came to visit for my birthday.


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  1. sharleen

    I haven’t visited your site in awhile–I hope settling in to the new job goes smoothly. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Shashvat

    My brother thought the same – but its not really a problem as long as your WMA files are not copy-protected by DRM. Or if you have the original CDs.

    iTunes (which is necessary for all iPods) will quickly convert your existing WMA collection to MP3 or AAC (set in options) and download it to your iPod.

    Its trivially easy to use it.

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