Spray on mud

There has been a trend in the UK to outlaw driving, and ridiculously low speed limits combined with speed cameras are one of the main weapons of the environmentalists. To avoid the cameras, UK drivers are resorting to tricks like spray-on mud to obscure license plates and GPS devices which warn drivers when approaching speed traps.


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  2. I would just say simply that it seems a broad stroke to paint ‘environmentalists’ with this offense against liberty, when really, it is only a statist subset of their kind, many others of whom appreciate the point that environmental order is best preserved on the free market, not to mention other goods that liberty serves.

  3. Matty

    Matty said,

    To those loosers out who have desire to but this “spray on mud”… DON’T BUY A F**KING SUV! YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. PERIOD! And do not drive that F**KING SUV or Hummer from point A to point B just to get McDonald. You mother F**KERS!

    As for obsuring the license plates… You F**K. Matty hopes this spra on mud will be so corrosive that it will melt you F**KING to oblivion! Get off the road, you maniac!

    World according to Matty

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