By the way, I still have a ton of Gmail invites for anyone who wants one. Gmail just added some cool new features like POP access and forwarding, so you should check it out if you haven’t already.


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6 Responses to Gmail

  1. Valerio

    please! a gmail invite.

  2. phd

    i want a gmail , please post me one , thanks !

  3. Marjorie

    Please, send me a gmail invitation, please!!

    [email protected]


  4. paul

    I would love a gmail invite if possible. I’ve been looking for months. If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  5. Garrett Valdez

    I wouldn’t mind one if you have any extras.
    By the way, I love reading this blog. It’s because of it that I’ve started reading into Objectivism.

  6. Garrett Valdez

    The first time I posted, I wasn’t sure if it sent. In case it did not, I wouldn’t mind a Gmail invite. Thanks.

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