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A town in Italy has banned people from keeping goldfish in bowls.

The council in Monza believes fish get a “distorted view of reality” if they’re kept in a bowl.
…”You have no idea of the hygiene problems caused by animals and people living together and we don’t want to see animals treated like objects any longer.

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  1. Jeff

    If I lived there I would be a really thick bowl that refracts light as much as possible, then shuve about 15 Goldfish in this tiny bowl. Then procede to keep it on my pourch for all to see:-D

  2. That’s just too ridiculous. Are Italians so stupid as to think fish are swimming aroud going “Man I really wish I was in a lake right now” Is this how Rome fell?? Ciao!

  3. Damien Feick

    Animal rights activists must love the “goldfish law”

  4. kieran

    The goldfish would be happy because they would not know what normal life is like

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