first private manned space flight

The world’s first private manned space flight is scheduled to start tomorrow, at 6:30 AM P.D.T. I don’t know about you, but I plan to watch it live on MSNBC.

Do you remember the NASA scramjet test a few months ago? That was model rocketry compared to this. This is history folks, and if a successful flight can tap into the American spirit sufficiently to launch an era of private space exploration, you students might be around to tell your grandkids on Luna 3 about witnessing this event.
The challenge facing space exploration today is not technical – that problem was solved 43 years ago. Today’s challenge is philosophical – a question of whether the spirit that powered the Wright Brothers on a windy day in 1903 has sufficiently resisted creeping statism, collectivism, and mysticism to soar once again.


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  1. Wow – what an amazing day for humanity – simply beautiful…

    Mike Melvill (the pilot) is a true American hero…

    “The door to space is finally open to the rest of us,” said George Whitesides, executive director of the National Space Society, which is wants to see space travel opened to people from all walks of life.

    Do you think it will be afforable within ten years?? It takes my breath away thinking about it..

  2. Luc Monson

    This truly is a great moment for humanity, I think it finaly showed people that exploration is not powered by government movements, races, or donations but by the drive of one mans dream. NASA should look at this as proof that a lack of government funding is not a force that should be strong enough to contend with their desire for exploration.

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