Robot House Builder

This is interesting: a USC researcher has created a robot that will be able to build an entire house in hours, without any human intervention. The NSF-funded project might be more PR hype than fact, but if legit, it may be the beginning of a revolutionary new way of building low-cost, custom-designed houses.
It’s interesting to see how prevalent the environmentalist and socialist propaganda is in that article alone: It spends several paragraphs praising the federal programs that subsidized it, the “environmental characteristics” the “highly-insulating” properties, the benefits for “low-income housing”, the potential applications on “Moon or Mars”, and the easing of “pressure on congested transport systems and cutting transport-related air pollution.” Is this a sign of government-sponsored research, government-funded publications, or a response to the anti-industrial attitude?

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  1. David, one thing you might want to look into is how this technology you discovered is an advancement over pre-manufactured “modular” houses. Such houses utilize robotics and assembly-line technology to fabricate the modules in factories, then ship them out to the site where they can be erected onto foundations, designed by- you guessed it- architects.

    It would also be interesting for you to comment on whether you encountered such technology in your travels in Europe.


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