Grace for Freethinkers

The North Texas Church of Freethought offers a capitalist and a leftist version of Grace. Here is the “capitalist” version:

For what we are about to eat, may we be truly grateful. Thanks to the farmers who grew the food, the factory workers who made the tractors they used, the mechanics who maintained them and the engineers who designed them in the first place. Thanks to the truck drivers who shipped the food to the supermarket, and the supermarket that made it available to us. A special thanks to our employers or customers who paid us, so we can buy the food. And, of course, let us not forget the free market systems that makes all those people work together to produce this meal. In the name of the cent and the almighty buck, Amen.

Now check out the website for the leftist version.

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  1. The capitalist “grace” is excellent. I may use it.

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