20 worst figures in American history

RightWingNews ran two surveys to create a right wing and a leftist version of the "20 worst figures in American history."
I decided to make my own list, shown below. My take on the top 20 greatest Americans is coming next.

The list is biased towards more recent history due to my limited knowledge of U.S. history, but here goes:

John Dewey, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Noam Chomsky, Jane Fonda, Lee Harvey Oswald
13.) Jesse Jackson
12.) Hillary Clinton
11.) Jimmy Carter
10.) Lyndon Johnson
9.) Herbert Hoover
8.) Timothy McVeigh
7.) Alger Hiss
6.) Aldrich Ames
5.) Benedict Arnold
4.) Richard Nixon
3.) Aaron Burr
2.) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1.) Ethel and Julius Rosenberg


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2 Responses to 20 worst figures in American history

  1. LOL, you put the Rosenbergs above Roosevelt? You didn’t even put Wilson.

    Why would you hate Burr? He knocked off a wannabe King.

    And who the fuck cares about the Clintons? I’m fairly certain that Bush Jr. has killed more people and spent more money in his 1 term than Clinton did in his 2 — at least be a little objective in your subjectivism.

  2. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

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