Nick Gaetano's Covers on Quent Cordair

Nick Gaetano has designed covers for Ayn Rand’s fiction and non-fiction for the last decade. Quent Cordair now has all the covers available as giclee prints on their website. Check them out!

Atlas Shrugged CoverFountainhead CoverPNI Cover


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2 Responses to Nick Gaetano's Covers on Quent Cordair

  1. Mike Pullen

    I just wish there was a poster or something a little more affordable. Not that the work isn’t worth it, it is just that I
    would love to have this stuff all over my house, but I can’t spring for 600 dollars a pop. Sigh…

  2. Frank

    Check out the postage stamp poster, it looks great, and at $125, it is much more affordable.

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