Pro-Capitalist Random Quote Generator Script

Do you like the random quotes you see on my website? Would you like to add my random quote generator to your site? You can do so in a number of ways:

  • As a JavaScript include (easiest method):
    Paste the following text into your html:

    <script language=”Javascript” xsrc=””></script>

  • As XML: Use this URL:
  • As PHP code:

    < ?php

  • As text (when screen scraping):
  • Google Gadget:

If you want to submit your own quotes, you can view the full list and add new quotes. (The quotes will not appear until I approve them.)

If you want to limit the quotes to a specific author, add author=Authors Name to the URL. (To filter by topic, use ?topic=KeyWord ) You can combine this with the format. For example: Rand&format=js

If you want to view all quotes by a specific author, add ?show_author= to the url like so: Rand


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