The "F Scale:" a test for fascist tendencies

Shortly after WWII, it was in vogue among leftist types to call people who’s politics they disagreed with “fascist” while “freedom and democracy” were used to designate favorable positions and governments, regardless of actual policy. Since this trend is on the rise again, I though a 1946-era quiz would be of interest:

The F Scale, is “an instrument that would yield an estimate of fascist receptivity at the personality level.”

I disagree with a number of questions, but I still find the test a much better indicator of Fascist tendencies than today’s leftist rants. (I scored 2.3, mostly because of Q’s 2-4. 1950 avg was 3.84.)
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  1. oldsalt

    2.3 — “You are a liberal airhead.” Ha! Yes, this is a great predictor of political personality. Of course, it only offers two possibilities: fascist or modern-day liberal. This does, indeed, correlate nicely with what is going on today; if you’re not a liberal (one form of socialism), you must be a fascist (another form of socialism). See how nicely we all fit into the socialist sweat box?

  2. Jim

    I took the test and scored a 5.833 (all 6s except the astrology one). I don’t understand how any logical person could not score at least a 4, if not higher.
    A question like (number 13) “Sex crimes, such as rape and attacks on children, deserve more than mere imprisonment; such criminals ought to be publicly whipped, or worse.” how does one not strongly agree, to not agree is just sick, people that commit crimes like that are sub-human, they are monsters.

  3. Bob

    I first was exposed to the F-Scale in a college course. I agree that it is not a “perfect” measurement of a person’s facist tendencies )no Socail Science can ever be a perfect science since they deal with humanoids) – but it sure has been useful in determining the tendencies of the people I have encountered during my 60+ years.
    Our present time appears to indicate that the link between extreme religion & facism continues to be the most accurate measurement of all.

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