"Ask for Death!"

A deeply disturbing video about the systematic, government-run campaign to instill death worship in generations of children by the Palestinian Authority. Compared to this, Nazi brainwashing was child’s play. For more, check out my gallery of PLO child abuse.

This dialogue from the video comes from two 11-year-old Palestinian girls:

Host: “You described Shahada as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful?”

Walla: “Shahada is very, very beautiful. Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be better than going to paradise?”

Host: “What is better, peace and full rights for the Palestinian people, or Shahada?”

Walla: “Shahada. I will achieve my rights after becoming a Shahida.”

Yussra: “Of course Shahada is a good thing. We don’t want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife… The children of Palestine have accepted the concept that this is Shahada, and that death by Shahada is very good. Every Palestinian child aged, say 12, says ’Oh Lord, I would like to become a Shahid.” [PATV, June 9, 2002]

(Thanks to Hootinan for the link.)

P.S. Can you think of someone who expressed a similar sentiment?

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  1. Peter

    I have seen that picture of the woman being hanged by a crane before-and it was attributed by to a Taliban related incident. Do you have a cite that establishes its authenticity?
    Your judgmental view of the Palestinians is simplistic, a little tired (the silly comparisons to Nazism) and a tad arrogant. It speaks to your being not terribly well informed about events or context in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Perhaps in the future you should read a little less in the way of silly, over the top pieces about “heroes and freedom” and more careful, scholarly work about the Middle East and other topics about which you plan to pontificate.
    I’m sure Gauss is relieve to know he made it into your list of “Champions of Liberty and Achievement.”

  2. David

    You’re right, the photo is of the Taliban. I’ve corrected the label.

    As for the rest — how should I reply to an ad-hominem attack? Like so:

  3. Peter

    See, that’s the whole point in the face of something like this: by reducing this battle between the Israelis and the Palestinians to a simple morality play, you are the one that has conducted the ad hominem attack. I’m simply responding to it. You can’t attempt to indict them in a context (one that I obviosuly feel is an overly simplistic construct) and then get upset when your own broader context (as you have laid it out in your site) is used (twisted, whatever) against you.
    Here endeth the lesson.
    BTW, you might be interested to learn the following:
    1. This missive was brought to you by an extremely conservative libertarian.
    2. I too have an interest in economics (I even have a PhD in it).
    3. My views on Israel and the Palestinians are pretty complex, and are informed on the intellectual side by long scholarly interest and, on the more emotional side, by my close friendship with two men. One was an Israeli soldier. The other was one of the Palestinian kids throwing stones (and worse) at him.

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