Excellent op-ed at TCS: Which Anti-Terror Model Do You Like?

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  1. oldsalt

    Well, they’ve had their 9-11 and now they want to show us stoopid people in America how it’s done. The UN and diplomacy. It will be interesting to watch. Unfortunately, what we’ll be watching is more death.

    I had to chuckle over the statement that what they needed was a more rapid passage of the EU constitution. Have you read that blueprint for totalitarianism? Not the whole thing, of course. No sane person could be expected to muck their way all the way through that enormous pile of used toilet paper. I couldn’t help thinking as I read it that Hitler has won after all. We fought a world war to stop his vision of a unified Europe and here they all are, completing the task for him — and by his rules. Perhaps I’m just too simple to understand their complex and highly nuanced thinking, but I think they are going to nuance their way right into another dark ages.

    I like your blog, by the way. I’m a big reader of blogs (some of my favorites are on your list). If one had to rely on the “mainstream” media, one would never know what was going on. Are you a Steyn reader? I love his acerbic wit and dead-eye logic. I first found him on LGF. I’ve been introduced to many writers I’ve come to like through blogs.

  2. David

    Thanks. I’m in full agreement on the EU constitution, though I don’t think a unified Europe bad idea per se.

    No, I haven’t read Steyn before, but I checked out his site, and it looks promising.

  3. oldsalt

    Steyn isn’t an Objectivist — would that he were. He doesn’t argue from philosophy; he argues from reality, though, so he hits it right most of the time. I enjoy his cutting, fisking style. AND there’s more! He’s one of the most prolific commentators writing today.

  4. oldsalt

    Oh, blast! Sorry for the double posting.

    I agree that a unified Europe isn’t a bad thing per se, but — and it’s a BIG but — they are basing their unification on the same kind of socialist base that Hitler wanted to implement. (E.g., check out their laws governing children.) Of course, their socialism is of the communist variety, but there is actually very little difference in practice. The only thing missing is the Aryan racism. The anti-semitism is still in play (6 million dead apparently wasn’t enough to dissuade them) and the proposed governing body is unelected and totalitarian in nature.

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