Interesting story on the WWII internment of Japanese Americans: A PC “Day of Remembrance” forgets key facts.

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  1. I think I sent you the link to that particular article a couple days ago, I’m surprised you only said “interesting” as this was the authors conclusion:

    “If I were a loyal American of Japanese descent, I would not have been pleased with the evacuation order. Nor would I have been thrilled with having to uproot myself from my home on the Pacific Coast. However, as an emergency wartime sacrifice, it is hardly the greatest. Just ask those Marines who regard February 19 as their Day of Remembrance. On that date in 1945 they stormed ashore on Iwo Jima, where more than 6,000 of them died. That?s a sacrifice to remember?and honor.”

    Even an egg-head like yourself Dave should be able to clearly say: you’re full of shit, every now and then. There is no honor in imprisoning individuals, unless they’re Roids…

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