An Islamic "human rights" group

The video you are about to watch is a rap video designed to inspire people to take up jihad against the West. Posted on a radical Islamic website based out of the United Kingdom, the video is undeniably entertaining, as professionally produced as any video you might see on MTV. Consider the irony: radical fundamentalism, sworn to destroy Western culture and beliefs, uses that culture to market its hate. Paralleling the same deception, the Islamic organization that produced and marketed this video claims to be an Islamic “human rights” group but in reality is a group sworn to support the killing of Jews, Christians and moderate Muslims.

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  1. Well, thank God they’re not sworn to support the killing of atheists!

  2. So our “indiscriminate killing” is condemned. But their history of torture, murder, and coercive force against the jews is ok, cuz Allah said so. NASA,GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY ROCK!!!

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