"from sadam's daughter"

Check out this email I just got:

Please I need urgent assistance and advice.
My name is Jume Hasa Hussein. I am daughter of Sadam Hussein, former ruler of Iraq Islamic Republic now in captivity. I was a student of Environmetal Microbiology at Islamic University Al-Athmia before the United Nations weapons inspectors arrived Iraq and subsequent outbreak of hostilities between my father and the Coalition forces. Eventually, my father was arrested at Ad-Dawr, Tikrit on the 13th day of december 2003. To my understanding, the american soldiers have narcotized my father.
There is a saying in Iraq “a lion in a cage is still a lion”

All my father’s known assets have been confiscated by the united nation’s coalition group as illegally acquired at the expense of our country. Three of my brothers where tortured to death by the US soldiers for withholding information of my father’s whereabout. Other members of our family have fled our country for fear of persecution. I am presently broke and trapped in a hidden location in our country pending when I secure help from a good samaritan who will assist me to claim a sum of US$30million which my father deposited in my name in a secured vault in Victoria Island in 1995 during my twenty first birthday out of foresight should we his children ever find ourselves in this kind of situation.

Most importantly, apart from helping me claim this funds into your custody you will also help me relocate from iraq, to a place where I will conclude my studies with relative peace of mind. For your assistance I am willing to offer you a generous compensation, if you help me.

Send your response to my secure email address: [email protected] to enable me further this relationship.


Ms. J. Hasana Hussein
[email protected]

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  1. My first question, how is it that you are receiving email from a Hussein? I mean, was this part of a mass mailing, how did she get your address?
    Secondly, how do you know this is legitimate, and not some pointless scam?
    Third, how are you supposed to help this woman (assuming its legitimate)? How would you have any influence/information on her reclamation of said finances.
    Fourth and final. If this is all legitimate, she has no right to any money from her father, so forget it. This is because all those funds should be considered illegitimate, as they were acquired by means of illegitimate activities, i.e. dictatorship, terror, pillaging, murder, etc. So, long ago, if she had a righteous hair on her head, she should have denounced her father and found her own way through life. She has no claim over any funds set aside for her by her father, because they were never his legitimate property to “set aside” in the first place.
    So whether or not this email is for real, forget about it. What you should be concerned about is how this email came to you, how the sender got your email address and what their real intentions are.

  2. Dude. You are so cool. The only foreigners separated from vast sums of money to which I have access are from Nigeria and South Africa and places like that.

    Maybe one day Saddam Hussein’s daughter will email me one day with hot stock tips, a patch for genital enlargement, and the Paris Hilton video. Then I will have really hit the jackpot!

  3. That’s freaking hilarious.


  4. Sadam's Illigitimate daughter in Canada

    Thankyou for your request Ms. Hussien. Unfortunately the capture
    of our Father was anticipated and shortly before his capture the
    funds were transferred and are safe and secure in Canada. I
    regret to inform you that these funds are now being used to fund
    the Holy Jihad.

    Under strict confidance I may not devulge any further information.

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