Israel moving forward with plan to release 400 Arab prisoners

Israel is releasing over 430 terrorists (many of whom are known to have planned and carried out terrorist attacks) in exchange for a single businessman abducted in 2000 by the Hezbollah. While this is a great example of the difference between the value Israelis and the terrorists place on human life, I wonder how many more people will be killed/abducted by the 400 released terrorists. What do you think? How do you think American politicians would act in such a situations?
From the article:

“[the] next phase in the deal may involve Iran, which along with Syria is the main financial backer of Hezbollah”…
Some Israeli commentators and right-wing politicians worried that the deal rewards terrorism and could lead to other kidnappings…Asked if Hezbollah would seek other hostages if these deals fell through, Sheik Nasrallah said at the news conference: “Yes. Of course.”

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