A few interesting stories: Jeff Jacoby says that The War On America Did Not Begin On Sept 11th, Victor Hanson writes that “These Are Historic Times,” and Arthur C Clarke’s dream of a space elevator may be becoming a reality, although the weight of government involvement may ground this project before this elevator goes anywhere.

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  1. An Objectivist

    Why do you call yourself an objectivist, if you oppose individualistm, and endorse collectivism? You endorse the use of violence to impose collectivism on people, and yet you call yourself a “capitalist” and an “objectivist”?

    How can any sane person harbor such a contradiction?

    The only possible explanation I can concieve of is that there is some religious indoctrination system— or willfull rejection of the rational– that can allow this.

    And yet, having rejected reason, you claim to be an objectivist.


  2. AshRyan

    Why do you call yourself an Objectivist, if you don’t understand the philosophical basis of such concepts as “individualism” and “collectivism” and hold them as floating abstractions, going around applying them according to your whims? Having no basis for those concepts, you can’t grasp higher-level distinctions such as the initiation of force versus its retaliatory use, and yet you call yourself a “capitalist” and an “objectivist”?

    How can any rational person allow himself to harbor floating abstractions, being a conceptual nominalist?

    The only possible explanation I can think of is that he evades thinking more deeply about these issues, because such complex issues require a serious mental effort, and that’s hard work!

    And yet, having never discovered reason, you claim to be an Objectivist.

    And then, you post this anonymously so that one can’t even discuss the issue with you privately.


  3. I wish I was objectivist, sounds like a cool cult.

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