Cult! Fear and loathing in College Station

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  1. AshRyan

    I read that story when it was in the print edition on campus in the last couple of days. Pretty amusing. What you may not realize, is that it is also making subtle points throughout about the cult-like phenomena that take place in Utah’s Mormon culture. One of the cleverer articles I’ve read in our paper.

    Just out of curiosity, David, how did you stumble across that article?

  2. David

    One of members in our club passed it on to me. I actually did realize the more subtle points of the author, and especially after I saw how relatively liberal the Chronicle is. The article is making the rounds around our school, though I doubt that many of my fellow Aggies are getting the full story.

  3. AshRyan

    Yeah, I’m generally not too impressed with the Chronicle. They’ll use any excuse to bash Mormons, since the U of U is Utah’s “liberal” school. But in this particular article, their attacks against Mormonism were a bit subtler and more justified than usual. I kind of enjoyed it.

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