Have the WMD’s finally been found? Let’s hope Bush has the guts to follow up…
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  1. You know who had the original scoop on this “bekka valley” claim…? Here is a comment from my blog dated 6.2.03:

    Iraq had a long-standing arrangement to store the chemical weapons Iraq produced in Syria in exchange for oil for Syria. When it became clear that the war was going to happen, Syria transported the WMD just over its border to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and buried it in pits. – Rask

    Who needs the CIA or the World Tribune, when you have Rask, the “Porn Publisher.”

    Anyway, let’s suppose for a moment that Syria et al took the WMDs…then it seems that Saddam complied with US demands (in a sense): he rid himself of WMD.

  2. Oh here is the link to the comment in question…and the post.

  3. Uhh, you’ll link to a site that is reporting a possible rumor, but you won’t post this report I sent you earlier?

    A tally of US taxpayers’ tab for Iraq

    Bias on the blog!!!

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