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CNN reports that a new television program called ‘Meow TV’ will consist of a tv show entirely for cats. This may be a clever marketing ploy, but does anyone actually buy this? Until cats start to do their own shopping, I think it will be a pretty stupid idea, but I’m glad to live in a country that can afford to market human-like food… and now television to animals. I remember how in Ukraine, everyone would make fun of Americans for buying food made especially for animals while bums starved in the streets. (Of course, no one starves in a rich country unless they want to, and even then nowadays some social worker will probably force feed you.)

SecurityFocus reports that the CIA may have “too much security” — it has ancient software, restricts internet access and PDA’s to analysts who need it, and generally fails to keep up with innovations in technology. The sad (and scary) result is that “analysts maintain informal networks of personal contacts within the agency just to track down the information they need to do their job.” In a related story, my web host (but not my own servers, which are ironclad 🙂 ) was hacked this morning with the SSH crc32 compensation attack detector exploit. The damage was light, but if you are running SSH 2.2 or older, I strongly suggest that you upgrade ASAP! For you movie buffs, this may be the same exploit that was used in the new movie Matrix Reloaded.

Matrix Reloaded nmap hack

Also, anyone want to buy an aircraft carrier? Only $4.5mil USD

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