World News Update, Photo Edition

In today’s obligatory Islamic fundamentalism section, here is a protest attended by up to 2000 "peace loving" Palestinians. Can’t you just feel all the love and goodwill for his Israeli neighbors the little boy in the center is learning from his big brothers? Awww, almost makes you wanna puke.

Palestinian gunmen of the Al Aqsa martyrs brigade

Next we have the predictable result of shoddy construction leading to mass casualties whenever even the slightest natural disaster hits oppressive third world regimes. Citizens of developed countries who have spent their hard-earned money not to live in buildings made out of cards suddenly find their incomes being confiscated to clean up after the failures of one or another socialist regime. Meanwhile, their populace votes for the same Statist regulations that keep the evil capitalists from building any buildings that can stand up to the slightest tremor, flood, or hurricane.

Algerian soldiers and French rescuers look for

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