Debunking the claims of "Jewish Racism" in The Talmud

I realize that some of the views expressed in this blog are pretty radical, so I’m not surprised to see a large number of flames and negative remarks in my comments from all sides of the political and social spectrum. I tolerate them because the arguments presented by my opposition are often so unsubstantial and dishonest that they bolster my case by contrast. However, I make exception and delete outright lies that a reasonably intelligent person could fall for. One such example is the comment to my last entry, which features a numbers of “quotes from the Talmud” that can be found on a number of websites on the web, and which at least one of my friends has mistaken as a legitimate site.

Well, to clear things up, any such quotes are blatant lies fueled by anti-semitism. For exposés, go here, here, or here. For real quotes from the Talmud, go here or here. The Talmud is an extremely complex document virtually impossible to translate into English, but having studied it myself, I can assure you that such “proof” of hatred of gentiles has been a reflection of the anti-semites own feelings ever since the middle ages. I am no friend of any form of mysticism, but I think the enormous intellectual and economic success of Jewish communities all over the diaspora is indicative of the pro-life philosophy espoused in the Talmud, especially when contrasted to the Augustinian tradition of violent hatred for human life and happiness in the medieval Church. To conclude, I offer this (real) quote from the Talmud: “Live well. It is the greatest revenge.”


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  1. John

    I read this comment by David: “I can assure you that such “proof” of hatred of gentiles has been a reflection of the anti-Semite’s own feelings ever since the middle ages.”

    While, for the sake of harmony and good will between all of human kind, I wish this was true I cannot believe it…Especially when considered in the context of Orthodox Jewish Religion. A logical view of the history pertaining to the Jewish history provides some significant indications.

    Direct scholarly evidence of the how false the statement may be is provided by Professor Israel Shahak, a Jewish Holocaust survivor. I recommend reading his book “Jewish History – Jewish Religion”

    I doubt most people would have read this book as all Jewish people and their associates with some form of power have done their best to silence him. But they cannot do it through the usual means because Israel Shahak is un-touchable as holocaust survivor. This is a man who knows what real anti-Semitism is all about. This is also a man who is a real humanitarian. I take my hat off to him.

    His main criticisms are at what the state of Israel, as a Jewish state. In this book he details why the Jewish people hate Gentiles and how it is part of fundamental Jewish teaching. He proceeds further by explaining that Jews are taught not to save the live of non-Jews when they are in trouble and that Jews are only to help non-Jews when there is reciprocated benefit. e.g. US black civil rights.

    One contrast I find farcically amusing is how Jews will hunt and condemn the most obscure non-Jewish groups that won’t admit Jews, however, Jewish organisations refuse to admit non-Jews on principle. Hypocritical racism at its best.

    I also find it farcical how any critism of Israel is labelled anti-Semitic.

    Moreover, the appalling editing and cover up of Israeli atrocities against non-Jews, in particular, Palestinians, is criminal and those who cover up these facts should face charges. It is a fact that in the last 50 years that the number of non-Jews killed by Jews is far greater than the number of Jews killed by non-Jews. For the sake of humanity I wish all the Zionists would wake up and see what they are doing, but maybe they just don’t give a toss.

    I am for all people living in harmony, I abhor racism, and from what I have read and observed, the fanatical orthodox Jew is among the most racist I have come across.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was deleted under the pretexts explained in David’s post. But if you don’t believe anything I have written here, read the book and judge for yourself.

  2. john

    There were two incomplete sentences in my previous post.

    His (Shahak’s) main criticisms are at what the state of Israel, as a Jewish state, stands for.

    I also find it farcical how any critism, even constructive, of Israel is labelled anti-Semitic, yet we are free to criticise almost any other country without being labelled racist.

  3. JRegal

    So reading that non-jews are filth in the Talmud translated from Hebrew makes non jews racist? Oh lets see all non-jews are liars, every single one of them that translates the Talmud and finds racist comments is an anti-semite? Stop kidding yourselves most of us are not your “Shabbo Goy” we can read. Computers translate with no bias. Your Talmud is the worst kind of racism. Racism with a smile and covert. Only accepting Jesus as your lord and savior will keep you from burning in hell “Chosen one”. Isreal is the number 1 child murdering state after the Nazi’s. You will suffer their fate as you repeat their crime.

  4. Vladimir

    What is Talmud? : (The Talmud (Hebrew: תַּלְמוּד talmūd “instruction, learning”, from a root ”” “teach, study”) is a central text of mainstream Judaism, in the form of a record of rabbinic discussions pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, customs and history.)

    What this means is that Talmud is an interpretation, not law! As usual, discussions can offend some, while promoting some point of view. So making your judgement solely on the Talmud makes you quite ignorant. Also, if you claim that you have read the whole Talmud, then you’re probably exaggerating — almost nobody read the whole Talmud, therefore taking something out of context, and ignoring everything else, while trying to prove your point (in this case that Jews are racists) is quite idiotic (for lack of a better word).

  5. Dee

    You say the quote, “Live well. It is the greatest revenge.” is a real quote from the Talmud. What part of the Talmud is it from?

  6. The article did not disprove anything at all. There is no good context to put “The best of the gentiles should be killed”

  7. Unfortunately, any time any non-Jew informs an Orthodox Jew, particularly a Rabbi, that they are offended by the extraordinarily racist views expressed in the Talmud, the only response a “goyim” will get is that they are “antisemitic.”

    Go ahead and try it…

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