Cultural misunderstanding?

Hard to believe but true: The swastica on the Coca-Cola robot below was condemed by Jewish groups who must have been unaware that the Swastika-like shape (not quite – it’s reversed) is actually an ancient Chinese symbol of good luck. If the Jews really want to go after anti-semitism, then it’s the Arab dictators and Islamic fundamentalism they should be after. Here is a quote in translation from a textbook called Islamic Education for the Tenth Grade, 1999-2000, page 116:

The logic of justice obligates the application of the single verdict [on the Jews] from which there is no escape; namely, that their criminal intentions be turned against them and that they be exterminated. The duty of Muslims of our time is to pull themselves together, unite their ranks, and wage war on their enemy until Allah hands down his judgment on them and us.


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  1. Saujanya Aryal

    I think you can actually write a book on this topic. Swastika, to start up with is one of the most holy sign in my religion (hindu). We draw this with red and yellow colors in our festible, weddings and other cultural meetings. Chinese got this symbol later on since, there is a lot of things inter-mingled inbetween hindu and buddists. Interesting post.

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