"mindless destruction"

Tim Blair reports:
“GENERAL AMIR AL-SAADI, special aide to Saddam Hussein, is heartbroken over the mindless destruction of his beloved Al Samoud missiles:

They’re just hurting people, these are creation by the people who designed, worked and manufactured, they belong to families and people, the whole people will be affected by this.

Poor little Al Samouds. Just more innocent victims of the West’s brutality.

Al-Saadi said Iraq had not permitted photographs or video images of the destruction – despite the potential impact on world opinion – because it didn’t want the Iraqi people to see what would be a bitter image.“It is too harsh. It is unacceptable. That’s why we have released no pictures,” he said somberly.

The people need a happy picture. This is an early design blueprint for the next generation of Iraqi ul-Snoop anthrax fragmentation grenades.”
Also, Iraqi soldiers are already getting their white flags ready, it seems.

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