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Story 1: If antiwar protesters succeed

Story 2:

In Brooklyn, N.Y., Ron Dixon and his family were jolted awake by a noise early one morning.

There was a stranger in the house. When Dixon saw the intruder enter his young son’s room, he grabbed his 9 mm pistol, and said to the man, “What are you doing in my house?”

Dixon says the burglar then moved toward him, and so he shot him twice.

The intruder survived. He’s a career criminal who’s been arrested 19 times. He’s now being held in New York’s Rikers Island jail.

Dixon has also been arrested and charged with “criminal possession of a weapon.” He’s threatened with up to a year in jail, because his gun was unlicensed.

Prosecutors want to put him in Riker’s Island – the same jail where the burglar was sent. Head prosecutor Charles Hynes wouldn’t talk to 20/20 but said of Dixon’s case, “You get caught with a [unlicensed] gun in Brooklyn, you’re going to do jail time.”

Dixon will fight that in court March 11.

At the same time that New York Gov. George Pataki, to save money, plans to let criminals out of jail, prosecutors are trying to put Ron Dixon in? When the career criminal, who was in Dixon’s house, got his first conviction, he got probation, no jail time. But Dixon has to go to jail?

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