Check out the shirts I

Check out the shirts I designed for the Objectivist Club.

I got criticized by several people for being “insensitive,” “offensive” and “negative” with my design. I replied “Please explain what you find offensive about the phrase “irrationality will not be tolerated” and what kind of people you think will be offended by that.”


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  1. Robert.H.Weinstein


    I offer that responses such as (“insensitive,” “offensive” and “negative” per your post) are to be expected.

    My response may not totally be directed towards your post. I will address it at the end of this post. Please bear with me and my verbosity. 🙂

    The idea given the current US culture IMO is egalitarian towards everything (except what the citizens and their elected lawmakers and as such the laws, determine to be proper for a citizen).

    That is a Pandora’s box of evil in itself.

    The phrase ‘… not be tolerated’ is a political correctness term I watched evolve.

    It seems to evade the details and simply glances at the idea.

    It is a victim wanna be protection phrase.

    IE “There is no further discussion on the topic permitted”. I find it used as a means to avoid lawsuits personally.

    Your use -IMO- of that phrase to reflect the idea that “Reason is an absolute for human survival” but others may view it as being pejorative to those ‘victims’ that may not have the ability to think effectively.

    I simply ask the following of one’s critics…

    “Insensitive?” to whom? Why?
    “Offensive?” by what standard?
    “Negative?” as compared to what?

    Robert H Weinstein, Always IMO 😉

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