"Food Aid Said Diverted to N.Korea Military "

Regular readers of my blogger will know what I think of the groups that send aid to North Korea: they are guiltier of causing mass starvation and supporting genocidal regime than Kim Jong Il himself. If it were up to me, I would have those “humanitarians” sent to die in the labor camps with the rest of the peasants whose torture and slavery they are perpetuating.

The fact is, that without the massive material and diplomatic aid (of which US provides 68%) from the quasi-free nations of the world, North Korea would have collapsed long ago. If any more proof is needed that the sanction of the free world is keeping North Korea’s regime afloat, Reuters news reported today that food aid is being diverted to the military instead of the starving peasants. Well, DUH! You don’t to be a UN bureaucrat to figure that out. In a decisive condemnation of North Korea’s actions, Tony Hall, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. food agencies said “We don’t like that. The food is not designed for that. The food is aimed especially at women and children — people who are hurting.” Wow, thanks for clearing that up, Tony.

Meanwhile, Kim continues playing world leader like a fiddle to get his way, by threatening to build nukes, start a war, etc if concessions aren’t made. (I’m not sure if the “non aggression” treaty North Korea is pushing for means that the U.S. will standby if the Kim attacks the South, or that we’ll sell him arms to better attack the U.S.)

Meanwhile, the bloodsuckers at the UN keeping leeching more money from the productive men in America to support more and more despotic dictatorships abroad. “I can’t remember in my experience of working in the humanitarian field when we have had so many crises at one time” says Mr. Hall, Leech #1. Perhaps it’s time for a little self-examination.

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