I lost my keys today. I got off the bus and unlocked my bike on my way to get some food but when I got to Taco Cabana for some burritos, the keys were gone. I retraced my path, but someone had definitely taken the keys in the five minutes it took me to come back to the bike rack. Needless to say, I was pissed. I was locked out of my apartment, unable to leave my bike anywhere, and my roommate doesn’t come home till late at night. When I got home, I climbed on the rails of my second story balcony, removed the net, and forced the window open, jumped to the ledge, climbed up, opened the window, and barely managed to avoid breaking the computer I landed on inside. It took me five minutes just to clear of my desk enough to step on it, but thankfully, none of the neighbors called the cops for me. Unfortunately, I am still going to have to get new locks for my bike, and keys/locks for my door and bike. Grrr. Lets hope whoever has my keys doesn’t use the Net much

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