New essay: Modern Art and Visions of Values

Inspired by Tim’s letter to, I wrote a an essay dedicated to the evils of modern art. Here is the intro:

Today’s rant is dedicated to the general and overwhelming mediocrity of “modern art”. No, “mediocre” is too mild a word. Modern art is horrible! Pathetic! Rubbish! It has about as much artistic value as a sewage dump! No, I still cannot express just how pathetic modern art is. A sewage dump has but one purpose: to store sewage, and it may do it well, but modern art is such a complete failure qua art, that there is no term to describe it other than anti-art, the epitome of what art is not, and should not be.

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  1. christopher

    Amen! The modernist argument is “if it’s not new it isn’t art!” But the knowledge of humanity can never age.

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