The anti-war protesters: what are they for?

I’ve written a new essay: The anti-war protesters: what are they for?
(shorter version:)

“A recent incident at University of Texas is indicative of the nature of the pacifists opposing a war with Iraq. After the student government of the University of Texas passed a resolution condemning a U.S. attack on Iraq, the Young Conservatives attempted a debate with the “Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice.” However, as CNN reported, “Most listeners in the audience seemed to agree with the Campus Coalition, or at least people on that side seemed more vocal about their feelings. When an antiwar advocate began heckling a student in the pro-war camp, other supporters of the President’s policies stood up, and a fistfight almost broke out.” One can easily imagine what “more vocal” means when reverse-translated through the filter of CNN’s liberal bias. Apparently, the “peace protesters” are not so peaceful. All over the world, they have been rioting against “aggression.” What is the true nature of the anti-war sentiment in America then? Much insight about the nature of the “anti-war” protest can be found in their “Statement of Conscience,” which has been endorsed by thousands of professors and students across America.”

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